When you work with Garfield, you work with a company that has built its client base by offering any and all services that complement and support our sign installations. We have a team of talented designers, engineers and installation personnel that get things done on time and within budget. You should expect nothing less from a sign company.


Not Just Creative, But Artistic As Well

Our designers are experienced in creative and artistic solutions that match any architectural or structural style. Starting with design expertise assures the final solution will match the environment around any sign or structure we install.


If You Imagine It, We Can Build It

Our in-house fabrication team can build almost anything you can imagine. From materials selection, design and fabrication to finishing and/or UV coating, we’ll work with you every step of the way, to turn your vision into reality.


Turn-key Installation

Let us install your sign or structure with the professional experience of our team and knowledge within our industry – whether you need a permit or a survey . . . we take care of all that for you.


Design & Delivered Within Code

We assist and provide all the necessary permitting for any installation of our larger signage or structures. Let us worry about permitting and all the required installation procedures. After all, we do this sort of thing every day.


If the type of project you have requires project management, we can do that as well. We provide comprehensive project management for our customers whose project size warrants that level of involvement and service from our team.


We Can Fix It, Even If We Didn’t Make It

We can even repair and refurbish damaged signs, displays or structures – whether we were the originators or not.