Signs of Faith

Just like our signage solutions help business clients get customers, they also help our church clients attract and retain new congregation members.  We have helped design, manufacture, install and service Monument signs, Electronic Digital Centers, Directional Signs, Digital Prints and Dimensional letters for many churches in the area. 

Each church has its unique personality. We’ll take your current graphic style, or create a new logo or graphic look, then make sure that all signage and graphics reflect that personality. We’ll also make sure all electrical and structural components are up to code, both inside out outside the church. Here are some of the common reasons our church clients seek our help:

  • “No one can ever find the choir room on the first visit”
  • “Children keep getting lost on their way to the Sunday school classes.”
  • “We need signage to list our Sunday sermon.”
  • “We don’t have enough handicap signs for our parking lot.”

The last comment touches on an extremely important topic: Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Are you compliant? If your answer is anything but a quick “yes,” then we can help you understand and achieve compliance.